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Neteller service is a hassle-free, fast and safe way to transfer money online. Every year, billions of dollars are transacted though Neteller services. Neteller has found a global acceptance in more than 200 countries across the globe, trusted by online merchants as well as consumers. Our safe procedures make us an absolutely secure platform for Neteller exchange transactions.

The Neteller service is operated by Optimal Payments Limited™ Company

Founded in 1999, Optimal Payments Limited provides businesses and individuals with an online alternative to traditional payment methods, helping customers with Neteller money transfer securely and privately; giving businesses an option for accepting payments and making payouts in markets. One can buy Neteller without disclosing personal details.


Millions of customers around the world have used their Neteller account to pay and get paid and to send money to individuals around the world. With Net+ Prepaid MasterCards® linked directly to the funds in their eWallet, they also enjoy instant access to their cash at millions of MasterCard® point-of-sale, ATM and online locations.


Uses of Neteller India:

  • Neteller e-wallet- Widely accepted across a huge network of merchants
  • Cashout from merchant sites- No more waiting for a site to process traditional payment methods, users can cash out directly to their Neteller e-Wallet freely move money wherever they want instantly
  • Instant deposits to merchant sites- Neteller e-wallets allow users to get money to its destination.
  • Online Purchases- Online retailers offer Neteller as a payment option. To buy anything, users can simply click on the Neteller logo on the shopping cart.
  • Pre-paid MasterCard- Access Net+ Prepaid MasterCards® with Neteller e-wallet. Use the card for worldwide ATM withdrawls, retail outlets, any place where MasterCards® are accepted for payments.
  • Money Transfer- Send money to your family/ friends through Neteller Money Transfer. Compared to traditional methods, this is cheaper, secure and instant.


Benefits of using Neteller E-currency:


  • Secrecy- One can buy Neteller India, with absolute anonymity. In contrast to other financial transactions like that of cash, plastic money like credit cards, etc, Neteller exchange transactions can be anonymous.
  • Suitability- With people always on the move, the good news is that one can buy Neteller services any time and from anywhere as the complete services are availed online. One can buy Neteller 24/7, whenever convenient.
  • Safety- Secure procedures are in place to ensure user’s safety. User’s data, including their personal information is protected against any fraudulent activities by hackers. Use of complex encryption codes is one way Neteller protects all transactions.
  • Trust factor- All buy Neteller transactions are recorded online (date, venue, name of recipient, sender, amount, etc.). Just choose a reliable Neteller E-currency exchanger like Buy Sell WMZ, and you can conveniently carry out transactions online.
  • Instant turn-around time- Yes, no more waiting! Whether it is money transfers or payments, get them done instantly.


Why choose Buy Sell WMZ :

  • Best reputation in the market- There are numerous exchangers claiming to be the best in the market, but only a few, like Buy Sell WMZ; prove their expertise.
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  • Fast and reliable service- Our strong network, backed by great technology make our services fast and reliable.
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  • Trusted and secure- We uphold our customers faith in us, offer safe and secure services.
  • 24*7 live chat support- Contact us any time for any query, we offer real time resolutions.
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  • Our customers are our priority- Ask for our personalized service options


Commission for payments receiving on your account – 0 %

Commission for payments sending from your account – 0.5 %

Commission for deposit via bank transfer – 0 %